Meet Ben.

This is Ben.

Ben is also known as the bored_bounching_browser. He is comfortable with doing everything else BUT what needs to be done. He loves to browse the internet, refreshing every two seconds.

Yes, every two seconds sounds ridiculous, but it’s normal for Ben. Not only does he constantly refresh, but his browser contains a numberless amount of tabs. Each tab contains a different social page on which he’s busy browsing-Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google etc.

He’s the browser of all browsers. Without this procrastination method, Ben cannot get through a days work, and by a days work, I mean “not getting to it at all”.


Can you relate to Ben?

Do you browse while you procrastinate?

Comment below if you do, or the ways you do things differently.


Nick of time_what’s what?

The brief for this project is to design a brand for social media. A social platform needs to be designed that relates to some aspect of popular culture and design and create relevant content according to the concept to the different social media platforms that are chosen.

For this brief, I chose to focus on Procrastination amongst Graphic Designers as my concept. I chose to design a campaign that focuses on graphic designers who procrastinates on a daily basis. This campaign is designed to bring light to the matter. Procrastination is very common amongst designers, and you don’t even know you’re doing it, until it’s too late.

“Nick of time” is a humorist social platform that speaks to those who procrastinate in the weirdest ways known to man. It’s created to promote procrastination in such a way that motivates you, as designer, to go all out whilst procrastinating. “Nick of time” also means “Last minute” which is a common thing amongst procrastinators. Procrastinators are known for doing things on the last minute. In this content, not only does “Nick of time” mean last minute, but “Nick” is now a person, with an identity that makes it easier to relate/compare.

With that being said, I’ve interviewed a few designers from the North West University, creating identities for the stories I documented, and then blogging about every character. Creating characters based on the outrageous stories of how some individuals procrastinate, was a fun way to kick it off. Each individual, who follows the social media pages, are able to relate to at least one of these created characters.

Each character is created as a unique soul, with their own identities and characteristics. Because of my target audience, character design was the most appropriate medium for this chosen brief. It allows me to create weird and fun characters that everyone can enjoy and laugh about. More characters will be designed throughout the year, posting new ones every month. This way, the viewers will stay tuned to see which one comes next.

The look and feel for “Nick of time” is weirdly pleasing, where the created characters are odd looking, but funny. The reason for that is to emphasise that procrastination doesn’t need to be a issue, it can be really funny as well.

“Nick of time” is divided into four social platforms, each communicating on a different level.  The Facebook profile is created to share events and content that discusses procrastination, sharing funny facts and content about procrastination and graphic designers. The Twitter page allows each individual to tweet and retweet content that may be applicable to the subject. When events are held, the Instagram and Facebook page allows the audience to post selfies and hashtag when they attended the events.

This blog is a platform for the target audience to share their weird ways in which they procrastinate, but not only is the blog created for their stories, but it’s created to read about each new character-what sets them apart from each other. So that you, as designer, will be able to link yourself to one, maybe two, or maybe even three procrastinating characters.

With each different character, with their different ways of procrastinating-the social platforms will also allow the viewer to read and share different content that motivates their ways in procrastinating. Taking it to the next level- stepping it up. It’s a fun way to get designers to participate and to know that procrastinating isn’t necessarily a serious issue; it’s ridiculously funny as well, because we all do it.

There will be promotional items for each of the characters, that is based on the needs of the people that can link themselves to a specific character. Keep on the lookout for the promotional item when you’ve chosen your “double-ganger”. It will be posted on the blog.

In conclusion, The main reason for the creation of the social platform ‘Nick of time’, is that designers are always searching for something new in their lives which allow them to break free from the norm. What better way than this blog, created for their satisfaction. A good laugh is never a bad thing. Stop being so serious, be ridiculous.

Excuse me, while I procrastinate.